software - list of recommended software for use with Mutiny


  • libtls-bearssl is an implementation of libtls using BearSSL, one of the most promising SSL libraries in recent times.

  • samurai is an alternative implementation of ninja, which will be used instead of ninja in Mutiny.

  • cproc is a C compiler using QBE as the backend; it could be really compelling to base Mutiny around once it can build the kernel.

  • pp is a pretty cool pre-processor for files.


  • mdnsd - multicast daemon for announcing services

  • aerc - terminal mail client that doesn’t suck to setup anywhere near as much as mutt

  • pounce - TLS-only IRC bouncer with great multi-client functionality, pairs well with…​

  • catgirl - TLS-only IRC client with a good set of features and great IRCv3 support

  • litterbox - TLS-only IRC logger that utilizes sqlite, allows for expressive search syntax via `/query`ing yourself

  • Web browsing

    • qutebrowser - Qt5 and WebKit based browser. keyboard driven, takes some getting used to but definitely looks like one of the most promising minimalistic browser projects out there


  • bspwm - tiling window manager using binary space partitioning, controlled via a socket-based command line program

  • sxhkd - Xorg hotkey daemon with a powerful configuration syntax, mouse chording, works very well with bspwm

  • gtk3-mushrooms - patches for gtk3 that make it nicer for non GNOME desktops. no CSD, client side shadows, and so on. though, maybe it’d be nicer to just avoid gtk3, if we can’t do it without dbus…​ or just to prefer Qt5.

  • acpid - not as extensive as i’d like; something like a real power manager that has the ability to react per-user to power events would be more compelling. unless maybe acpid can be scripted to act that way?

  • xplugd

  • xss-lock

  • unclutter-xfixes

  • rofi - pretty bloated, but a great deal more useful than dmenu.

  • adjbacklight

  • dunst

  • xsecurelock


  • password-store - something without a dependency on bash would be nicer though; there are some reimplementations/workalikes like tpm and spm are regular sh, but they lack a lot of features and niceities.

    • pash - appears to be more in line with what I want. configuration seems kinda odd, though.


Mutiny is in the public domain.

To the extent possible under law, Kylie McClain <> has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.